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We are partnered with investors who invest in pre-seed, seed, and early round Web3 companies, projects, and protocols that will shift the financial paradigm and build a disruptive blockchain future.

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Why Academy Ventures?

We don't disappear. We are ever-present and add value. We care.

Hiring and Recruiting

Through our partnerships with prestigious university organizations, we can provide companies with access to a strong network of developers, engineers, marketers, business developers, and product managers. We will gladly assist you with the hiring and recruiting process.

Marketing Exposure

By building a large and diverse community of talented students and young blockchain enthusiasts, we shed heavy exposure to projects which can attract user growth. We can also help projects devise marketing strategies to attract a large and intelligent user base.

Strategic Network

We would be happy to connect you with other projects we are partnered with that could be deemed strategic in your growth. We are also connected with several influential DAOs, syndicates, and investors. We can facilitate introductions to these prominent Web3 investors.

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