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DeFi Edge

Research Intern

- Closed -



$1600 USD a month. Future potential profit sharing depending on performance.

About Company:

What if you could join a team and help thousands of people empower their financial future through Crypto and DeFi? Be on the frontier of innovation and change for DeFi research and education Surround yourself with fun and intelligent co-workers from around the globe? Accelerate your learning and learn more in 3 months than you did all of last year? Do it all anonymously from anywhere? The DeFi Edge is a rapidly growing DeFi media and education company. Our audience wants to be on the cutting edge on Crypto, DeFi, and Web 3 but doesn't have 12 hours daily to research. That’s where we come in. There's a demand for high quality research and analysis, from trusted sources. And as the industry evolves and expands, we need broader coverage to stay updated on every new development and change. That’s where you’ll come in. You’re not going to be a “cog in the wheel.” You’re entering a badass company with a strong growth trajectory at its early stages.

Job Description:

We’re hiring a Research Intern with a great pulse on the Crypto and DeFi space. You live and breathe DeFi. You're in the trenches of Crypto Twitter, Discord, and telegrams. You love learning and sharing knowledge. We initially hired 3 interns back in October. They've since grown into full-time positions, and we're looking to expand.


  • Help research and write content for our newsletter, website, and educational products.

  • Apply your discerning eye to drive our content strategy. Know which topics will resonate most with our audience.

  • Help execute our social media strategies.

  • Stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of DeFi. Continuously scan the horizon to identify emerging protocols and narratives before they pop.

  • Integrate and provide support across multiple areas within the company, so you must work effectively with other team members to achieve company targets.


  • Crypto & DeFi Native: Specific and practical knowledge of crypto. You have deep knowledge and hands-on experience in the space. (Ex. You know how to do on-chain analysis and not fall for spoof transactions.)

  • Clear and Effective Communicator: You must be fluent in spoken and written English, as it’s the primary language of our audience.

  • You Get Things Done: We’re a small, agile, fast team. You should be hungry and have the energy to keep up. The projects and tasks will be diverse, so you must work effectively autonomously, and cohesively with team members.

  • Interested in Business: This role isn't just about crypto. It would be best if you were interested in business strategy and growth.

  • A Self-motivated Go-Getter: You're always proactively looking for improved ways of doing things. Don't sit around waiting for instructions from me. Experiment and take charge.

  • Good Ethics: You’ll have early/exclusive access to information that could be misused. Don't take advantage of this. We also operate with the highest integrity with whom we endorse, partner, and collaborate with.

  • A great Culture Fit & add-on: You must share our obsession for audience growth and success. We also have a fantastic vibe and want someone who can fit in and add on. We talk tech, fitness, travel, finance, anime, etc.

  • You Align w/ Edgy's DeFi Philosophies: I like Ethereum, but I'm open to alternative layer 1s. I'm big on identifying narratives and getting in early. We won't get along if you're a Bitcoin or Cardano maxi.

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