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Business Development Intern

Business Development

Remote (Asia timezone)


Unpaid internship.

About Company:

As one of the world’s top 10 (and rising) digital asset exchanges, we provide a best- in-class experience in trading, security, and blockchain product innovation. We aim to democratize access to the markets for all, making it possible for the most recent and promising cryptocurrency projects to be listed and traded safely and securely. Are you excited to join a decentralizing force in the world?

Job Description:

Embark on a dynamic role where you'll scout for Key Opinion Leader (KOL) leads and contact details across global social media platforms. After initiating preliminary partnership dialogues, you'll channel promising leads to our Business Development team for deeper collaboration talks. The ideal candidate holds a bachelor's degree or is a recent graduate, possesses a penchant for blockchain (basic knowledge is a plus), and has sharp logical and adaptable thinking. Your expertise should span both domestic and international social platforms, notably Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube, underpinned by robust communication skills. Embracing flexible work hours in a distributed setting, you should be adept at channel prospecting, coupled with a proactive business development mindset.


  • Look for KOL clues and contact information from various social media platforms at home and abroad.

  • Conduct preliminary cooperation intention communication.

  • Assign effective clues that have responded to BD for follow-up cooperation negotiations.


  • Bachelor degree or above students/fresh graduates at home and abroad.

  • Distributed office, flexible working hours.

  • Interested in blockchain, basic knowledge is preferred.

  • Tight logic and flexible thinking.

  • Good at using social software and platforms at home and abroad (such as Twitter/Telegram/YouTube).

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Have business-side front-line development thinking.

  • Proficient in Chinese.

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