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Marketing Intern

Marketing & Community



$1000 per month.

About Company:

Welcome to Qualoo - a beacon in the digital cosmos! It's a decentralized network powered by you, the Internet explorer, conducting essential performance tests. We provide insights to enhance global internet connectivity through our Decentralized Network. Brace yourself for our analytical beast that devours complex data and regurgitates it as golden nuggets of advice for ISPs to up their game! It's not just a network, it's an arsenal of data solutions, designed to arm ISPs, regulators, and more with the tools they need to revolutionize the Internet! But wait, there's more - introducing the Qualoo Token (QXT), the lifeblood of our thriving ecosystem, rewarding and fueling our bold vision for a brighter digital future!

Job Description:

We are looking for a dynamic individual to join our marketing team, where you will be responsible for crafting content for various social platforms, setting up analytics, conducting market research to pinpoint key influencers, partners, and relevant events or conferences, while reporting directly to our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). While some prior marketing experience and familiarity with marketing tools are desired, it's not mandatory. Candidates with prior experience in Web3 will have a distinct advantage.


  • Create content for various social platforms.

  • Setup analytics on various social platforms.

  • Do market research to identify strategic influencers/partners to contact or events/conferences to attend.

Report directly to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).


  • Minimal prior marketing experience.

  • Minimal prior experience with marketing tools.

  • Bonus: prior experience in Web3.

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