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React Native Developer

Software Engineering



This is a paid position. Compensation will be disclosed by the company after applying.

About Company:

Theya is a Y-Combinator and General Catalyst backed startup that has raised over $2.6 million in seed round funding in April 2023. We offer a definitive way to secure long-term wealth via Bitcoin accumulation and self-custody. We are building a multi-sig self-custody wallet for Bitcoin. Currently, two out of three private keys will be held on separate mobile devices (via app). The 3rd key is held by the company & used only to retrieve funds for users in case the keys are lost. In the future, we will support hardware wallets, apple watches etc. The MVP is mostly done and will be finalized soon. Support for mobile keys has been built. Support for NFC cards, ledger, purchase Bitcoin option, etc will be built later. We are looking to accelerate product building by onboarding new developers.

Job Description:

We are seeking an expert React developer with proficiency in React Native to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing the frontend, reviewing and optimizing our existing codebase, ensuring our app's top-tier performance, and aiding in the creation of new features. A solid understanding of Bitcoin fundamentals, including multisig wallets, the creation of wallets, and the intricacies of private/public keys is a plus. Candidates should be adept at producing high-quality, high-performance code and possess the ability to follow high-level directions and work autonomously.


  • Develop the frontend as needed.

  • Review the current codebase and help optimize it.

  • Make the app highly performant.

  • Help develop new features as needed.


  • Expert React developer experienced with React Native.

  • Good to have knowledge of the fundamentals of Bitcoin, multisig wallets, how a wallet is created, private/public keys, etc.

  • Ability to follow high-level directions and work independently.

  • Experienced with developing high-quality and high-performance code bases.

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