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We Introduce Students to Web3 Founders


About the Academy:

Academy Ventures makes finding careers in Web3 simple and personal for students. We are solving the difficulty of landing jobs in the blockchain industry by connecting job-seeking students directly to company founders. Through our partnerships and industry experience, we are connected to over 15,000 projects, including those backed by Y-Combinator. Our goal is not merely to be a job board; we go beyond that and assist students throughout the entire hiring process, from resume building to founder introductions to interview preparation. By matching talented students to powerful blockchain startups, we serve as Web3 career mentors that many students lack in traditional university institutions. We do this for free. 

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Powerful Jobs

 Through our connections to founders at impactful blockchain startups, we refer and connect students directly to company teams, eliminating the struggle of "knowing someone" there.

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Extensive Resources

 By expanding into all verticals of the blockchain industry, we both write our own research and source valuable learning opportunities and resources that can prepare students for a career in Web3.

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Strategic Network

With exposure to company founders, investor groups, and diverse DAOs, we allow students to meet and network with industry leaders who are driving the blockchain space forwards.

Warm Community

We pride ourselves in building a welcoming and inclusive community of students, founders, and investors who are all willing to help each other grow and learn in a rapidly evolving industry.

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Valuable Mentorship

With years of industry experience and knowledge, we provide students with valuable mentorship to help them navigate the complexities and challenges of the Web3 space.

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Speakers & Hackathons

Through our expansive network, we expose students to valuable opportunities for creating and attending in-person events such as hackathons, speaker events, and networking treks.

All opportunities are accessible through our Telegram and Discord group-chats. Join below:

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