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Strategic Partnerships

About our University Partnerships:

We connect our students and university club partners to various strategic resources through our founder network, portfolio companies, and investors. Specifically, we help students land impactful jobs, gain access to early product demos, and meet investors to access funding opportunities for student-run startups. Additionally, we provide students with ample learning opportunities through our research articles and interviews with industry leaders and experts.

Academy Ventures is partnered with blockchain organizations at the following university institutions:

West Coast

Rest of the United States


About Our Hiring Partnerships:

Academy Ventures fosters dynamic partnerships to enhance the Web3 ecosystem and deliver value to students worldwide. We have partnerships with InnMind, an AI business intelligence platform; MonkeVentures, an investment syndicate whose members have invested over $1,600,000 across the portfolio; and ICP.Hub North America, an initiative powered by the Dfinity Foundation. These collaborations enable us to offer connections and opportunities at over 15,000 startups, along with grants for hackathons and speaker events.
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About our DAO Memberships:

With years of industry experience and involvement, members of our team have joined several influential DAOs and communities in the Web3 space including: Gitcoin DAO, DeGods, and MonkeDAO. This provides Academy Ventures community members with access to strategic resources and benefits such as, marketing, networking, hiring, grants, and developer tools.
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